Dear Melbourne, these are my favourite things about you

Dear Melbourne,

Thank you for welcoming me with open arms this past year. You have always made me feel like I belong from the moment I stepped foot here  – and that’s a pretty special thing to be able to do to someone who moved here on a whim.

My time here, however, is sadly (and very quickly) coming to an end. So I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite things about you.

Laneways and Street Art


(Pictured: Blender Lane, CBD)

In Melbourne, you’ll find street art wherever you go.

You’ll find street art down random alleyways in the CBD. You’ll find street art down major streets in Fitzroy. You’ll pretty much find street art everywhere and I absolutely love that about you, Melbourne.

My tip? Start walking down a alleyway in the CBD or in one of the inner suburbs and get lost from there. You’re bound to stumble upon something amazing, and definitely some fascinating street art.



(Pictured: Coffee at random cafe in St Kilda)

It’s no secret that Melbourne is one of the coffee capitals of the world. I’ve always been told this by Melburnians I met abroad, but I only realised how true this was after living here for awhile.

On any given street in Melbourne, you’re bound to find a cafe or two, or three, or four…you get the point. Some of my favourites include:

  • Poolhouse Coffe (CBD)
  • Manchester Press (CBD)
  • Brother Baba Budan (CBD)
  • Operator 25 (CBD)
  • Mario’s Cafe (Fitzroy)
  • Uncle & Jak (Fitzroy)
  • Black Cat (Fitzroy)
  • Tinker (Northcote)
  • Market Lane Coffee (Queen Vic Market and Prahan Market locations)

(Note: I live Northside so my favourites are of course in the North.)

IMG_1615And if you’re keen to really get immersed in the coffee culture, for $60 you can take a Barista course to learn almost everything there is to know about coffee.

Bonus: You get to drink all the coffee you make and you receive a certificate upon completing the course. 🙂


brunch with aoife

(Pictured: Delicious brunch at Wide Open Road ,Brunswick)

Melbourne, you’re all about brunch and I love that. You’ll know you’re in Melbourne when everything has avo (aka avocado) in it. Smashed avo on toast? Yup, you’re in Melbourne.

Some of my favourite brunch spots to start a weekend or to cure a hangover:

  • Cafe Lua (Carlton)
  • Mario’s Cafe (Fitzroy)
  • Seven Seeds (Carlton)
  • Higher Ground (CBD)
  • The Grain Store (CBD)


ponyfish island

(Pictured: White Rabbit Ale at Ponyfish Island, CBD)

Melbourne, you’re home to some pretty unique pubs, speakeasies, cocktail bars and clubs. You name it, you’ve got it.

From trendy rooftop bars to make shift rooftop bars, there is a drinking hole for everyone and I love that about you. So inclusive.

And plus, your Victorian liquor laws are the best. I love that you can pretty much stay out as long as you desire because there is always a bar that will still be open.


Queen Vic Market gang

(Pictured: Queen Vic Night Market)

Melbourne, you do markets well. You have day time markets which range from trash & treasure markets to trendy artisan markets.

You also have night markets – the perfect combination of food, drinks and shopping. In the winter, you can find yourself keeping warm by sipping on some savoury mulled wine or hot cider. And in summer, you can find yourself drinking some refreshing Pimm’s and enjoying the sunshine.

Some favourites:

  • Queen Vic Market (day and night)
  • Camberwell Market
  • Rose Street Market
  • Fitzroy Market
  • Rose Street Market



(Pictured:  Black swans playing in the pond at the Royal Botanical Gardens)

Melbourne, you have so many beautiful green spaces. I couldn’t choose a better place for a picnic or for reading a book under a tree.

You also have some pretty cute wildlife like native Aussie birds and ducks.

Bonus for foreigners: At night, you can find friendly possums roaming around the gardens looking for food and burrowing in the trees.

My favourites Melbourne gardens:

  • Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Carlton Gardens
  • Fiztroy Garden (surprisingly not actually in Fitzroy)
  • Flagstaff Gardens



(Pictured: Delicious dumplings in China Town, CBD)

Whether it’s boozy dumplings in China Town, Italian on Lygon Street, or Vietnamese in Richmond…there is an abundance of places to eat in Melbourne. And what I love most about it? There are restaurants catered to every budget.

The Beach


(Pictured: Brighton Beach)

Melbourne, you’re known for your ‘four seasons in a day’ weather and I’m okay with that. But when you’re warm and sunny, you are such a treat. And what better way to spend a warm and sunny day in Melbourne than to head to one of your many beaches with some friends and some SPF.



(Pictured: Penguin at St Kilda Pier)

Melbourne, I am ALL about your wildlife.

When people come here to visit, they always tend to flock to Phillip Island to see the penguins. But not everyone knows that there are penguins living right outside the city at St Kilda Pier. Every night at dusk, the penguins will return from their day out on the water and burrow in the rocks at the end of St Kilda pier. AMAZING RIGHT?

So, Melbourne. These are my top things I love the most about you, but the list goes on and on.

I haven’t left yet, but I already can’t wait to come back Melbourne. ❤


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