A Taste of Tasmania

When visiting Australia, people tend to flock to the East Coast of mainland Australia. The East Coast is incredible, of course, but people often forget about the beautiful and very underrated state of Tasmania. Isolated from mainland Australia, Tassie has scenery like nowhere else in Australia - rugged wilderness, dramatic coastlines and beautiful mountains. Tasmania [...]


Dear Melbourne, these are my favourite things about you

Dear Melbourne, Thank you for welcoming me with open arms this past year. You have always made me feel like I belong from the moment I stepped foot here  - and that's a pretty special thing to be able to do to someone who moved here on a whim. My time here, however, is sadly [...]

A Girls Getaway in Byron Bay

Oh, Byron Bay. You are an absolute beauty. I finally understand why everyone raves about you. It's not very often that a place can be perfectly suited to backpackers, weekenders, families, seniors and everything in between. That's what makes Byron Bay so special. A couple of girlfriends and I went to Byron Bay for a long [...]

The dreaded question every 20 something has heard

If you’re a 20 something year old or were a 20 something year old at once point in life, you’ve probably been asked the seemingly harmless question: 'When are you going to settle down?' Settle down for what? What does this even mean? After living abroad for three years and no plans of returning home [...]

The Ups and Downs of a Long Distance Relationship

There's no sugar coating it. Long distance relationships can outright suck - there’s a reason why people avoid them altogether. Sometimes though, you can't avoid getting yourself into a long distance relationship. This is the position I've been in for the past 4 ½ years. For anyone else who's been in a LDR, I'm sure [...]